Tuesday 25 August 2009

Simulation of Starlings flocking behaviour using captured 3D video recordings of Starlings in flight

I was quite interested to find this flocking simulation of starling's on MIT's Physics arXiv blog.

I mentioned Reynold's flocking behaviour model in an earlier post, it's nice to see progress has been made in creating more accurate simulations by actually capturing 3D recordings using stereographic photography of real starlings in flight.

These video recordings that were published last year has actually allowed Charlotte Hemelrijk at the University of Groningen to create a flocking model, and vary the parameters that closely match real flight recordings of the starlings.

These birds have very complex rules creating this self-organising behaviour, and the researchers seem to have been able to take apart the rules that govern them. These rules also govern other species such as fish, insects and even human crowds, and will likely give further insight into crowd behaviour, and allow for more accurate simulations of human crowds.

I'll be looking forward to seeing a video of this flocking simulation.

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