Tuesday 18 August 2009

Layar: Augmented Reality Browser - Google Android Platform

I've just come across this Augmented reality browser available as an app on the Google Android Market. This is not actually an app, but a platform, which has provided its own API. Therefore, developers can create their own augmented reality layers on top of the browser. This addition of layers over the application brings huge potential in crowd sourced content, and the various other uses that are possible such as augmented reality tour guides, tourist information, social networks, points of interest, transport, etc.,

There can be some more exotic approaches that can be applied to this kind of platform, such as augmented reality games, although, they have been around for a while (mainly GPS location based games), this takes it to a whole new level.

I also wonder about the possibility of using this platform to study crowd behaviour of tourism and leisure activities. These types of behaviour have been traditionally very hard to model, and as this platform will mainly be focussed on these kinds of activities, it would give an insight into the behaviour. Although, getting user permission to gather such data would be an issue in itself.

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