Sunday 8 March 2009

Book: Crowd Simulation By Daniel Thalmann, Soraia Raupp Musse, SpringerLink

I will be occasionally posting details of books that I have come across, which some may find interesting.
This book gives a very good review of what is out there in the Crowd Simulation area. This includes different disciplines such as physics, sociology, computer science (as I mentioned in my first post), and the areas it's used in, such as the film and games industry, the academic research areas, planning, evacuation scenarios, and so on.

One of the authors, Daniel Thalmann, has quite a few publications in the Crowd simulation area, which can be found here
As I mentioned in my first post that I will be exploring som
e of the above mentioned areas. This book also interestingly mentions that 'despite the apparent breadth of the crowd simulation research basis, interdisciplinary exchange of ideas is rare; researchers in one field are usually not very aware of works done in other fields'. I find this point very interesting, and therefore, brings to mind that work in various fields may often be duplicated, although I havent yet come across duplicate work, it is worth bearing in mind. I welcome such a book that would explore work that has been carried out in different disciplines.

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