Sunday 8 March 2009

Netlogo to 3D Max: Visualisation

The first few posts will be a catch up of what has been done so far. The first piece I worked on was a Netlogo to 3D Max implementation. This implementation is for a street level scale of a city. Although, 3D Max is used for crowd and particle simulations, in order to model these complex systems, an external package like Netlogo is used. Through the use of loose coupling with 3D Max, it allows us to easily visualise these systems.

The movie below was first posted on the Digital Urban blog. This was my first step to export a basic traffic model from Netlogo to 3D Max. The movements of the cars were first output into a file, the second step was to write a 3DS script to import these movements and animate them in 3D Max.

NetLogo to 3D Max - Proof of Concept from digitalurban on Vimeo.

I have noticed quite a few comments asking how this import was done. I will be posting a pseudocode soon, and will try and give a summary for each step.

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