Saturday 7 March 2009


As this is my first post, let me detail a little about me, and about this blog.
I am currently studying for a PhD in Crowd Simulation in the Centre of Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London (UCL). I did an MSc in Vision, Imaging & Virtual Environments (VIVE) at UCL last year. I am in my 1st year of the PhD, and will be regularly updating this blog to include posts related to my work, work related to this area, and applications that I come across in the field.
My main aim for the PhD will be to create a real time scalable crowd simulation, therefore, allowing users to look at, for example, crowds in the city of london at varying scales, in real time.
This will be achieved using different architectures depending on the scale. The architectures I will be exploring will include disciplines in social science and computer science.
The work will carried out on the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), concentrating on general purpose programming, i.e., GPGPU.
The reason I have chosen to use general purpose programming on the GPU, is because, there has been active research in this area over the last few years with the wide deployment of GPUs. The parallel processing of GPUs also gives us a distinct advantage to populate larger amounts of the city with agents, or a larger number of agents in a smaller area.

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